How to Gua Sha

STEP 1: Cleanse - always start with a clean face.

STEP 2: Spritz skin with a facial mist - hydration is key.

STEP 3: Warm your favourite serum in your palms and apply to your face and neck - we suggest an oil-based serum as it will provide the slip needed without pulling at the skin.

STEP 4: Get that Glow! Holding your Gua Sha tool almost flat to the skin and applying light to medium pressure (being very gentle around the eyes) begin by making short strokes in just one direction (up / out). Repeat each stroke 3-6 times.

STEP 5: Starting at the chin, glide the Gua Sha along the jawline moving towards the ear. At the top of the jaw, wiggle the Gua Sha back and forth before sweeping down the neck; this will stimulate lymphatic drainage and brighten your skin.

STEP 6: Continue working your way up your face using the same technique to sculpt your cheeks, soften smile lines and reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness.

STEP 7: Next lift the brow by running the gua sha along the brow line towards the temple.

STEP 8: Follow by using the Gua Sha to smooth lines just above the brows working up the forehead toward the hairline.

STEP 9: Let’s not forget to give some love to those tech lines! Starting at the center of your neck glide the Gua Sha up along and across the neck to the chin.

STEP 10: Always finish with downward strokes from the chin down the sides of the neck to aid with lymphatic drainage.

Results are best maintained by using 2-3 times a week up to once a day